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The Access Auction

The 2017 CNVC San Francisco IIT (International Intensive Training) is a novel attempt to explore our relationship with power, privilege and the body through the lens of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).   Read more about the SF IIT or register now before it is full!

One of the ways we see privilege impacting NVC communities is in determining who gains access to learn NVC.   The current structure of teaching NVC in residential settings provides opportunities for deep learning and connection to community. However, the cost of attending a residential retreat, especially when factoring in the cost of missed work and travel makes it unattainable for many.

Ways to support us:

Why this auction?

The leadership team at the SF IIT, along with BayNVC, NVC Santa Cruz and allies in the community, are raising funds to provide tuition and room and board scholarships for those who would otherwise not be able to attend.  The CNVC has been incredibly supportive of this goal. As of November 9, our IIT organizer let us know that CNVC has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships and discounts to those attending this IIT, a percentage far greater than is typically awarded. We celebrate that so many people without resources see how relevant the special focus of this IIT is to their lives and their communities and are risking their significance in asking of support. And, since the IIT has not yet achieved the amount needed to meet expenses, this model of funding participation is not sustainable.

Solving the challenge of increasing access and inviting those without resources to come and learn this work is not a problem that can be solved by any one person or organization. So we, the leadership team at this IIT, are reaching out to you for support. We would like to raise funds to cover the cost of three full scholarships to the IIT  and three tuition scholarships to the IIT.

  • $3670 – provides a full scholarship (room and board & tuition) for one participant
  • $2340 – provides a tuition scholarship to a participant

Donations & Bids

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Our goal: Raise $18,000
This will cover 3 full scholarships and 3 tuition scholarships to the Special Focus Power and Privilege IIT

We hope that, with community support, this goal is attainable.

We can reach this goal in a number of ways:

  • A major donor:
    • 1 tax deductible donation for the full amount
      allows us to say yes immediately to people still waiting for news we have funds for their attendance and contributes tremendous ease for us
  • Several momentum-building donations
    • 18 people contributing $1000 each
      allows us to more quickly reach our goals and make decisions sooner to support participation
  • Delicious grass-roots support through community crowd-funding
    • 2 people contribute $1000
    • 10 people contributing $500
    • 40 people contributing $100
    • 80 people contributing $50
    • 120 people contributing $25
      gives us a sweet sense of how much support exists for this work and confirms that joyful giving is truly sustainable

We will be donating services and materials through the auction items below as a way of helping to jump start this fundraiser.  We’re excited to have a way to support this work and invite you to partner with us.

Will you  join us in supporting those who are longing for the exploration of power and privilege in NVC communities? In making sure access to NVC training is available to all who would like to come?

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

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